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Petech Tank Automation System

Petech Wireless Tank Gauging Automation

The flexible station automation structure of Petech Automation Systems can offer both wired and wireless communication option between the tank site and the automation PC. State of art Asis wireless technology uses secured RF frequency to establish communication between the tank site and the computer. Eliminates the cost and need of concrete cutting, digging, piping and reconstructing to the minimum level in the station where there is no infrastructure for cabling and where the tank Sites located far from the control room of the station.

Petech Wireless Tank Gauging Automation means;

  • Better project cost optimization
  • Faster installation
  • Less civil work
  • Less maintenance
  • More flexibility for integration with new technologies
  • Less installation and labor work cost
  • Mobile Investment (Can be transferred to another station at any time)

Petech Tank Automation System


  • It gives the heat, liter amount and mm height of the existing fuel oil.
  • It gives the mm height the existing and discharged water.
  • It gives the fuel oil and water level in the tank visually.
  • All tanks in the area can be measured simultaneously.


  • It gives the mm height and liter amount of fuel oil discharged in the tank.
  • When filling starts, it recognizes the operation automatically.
  • It makes density calculatons according to the heat change during filling.
  • It manages the filling depending on levels and overflows.
  • When the filling is completed, it prints filling receipt automatically or controlled.

Leakage Control

Except the fuel oil distribution pump, it gives the leakage alarm automatically in the event of fuel oil decreases. It continuously makes leakage control and recording for 24 hours. It may change the leakage control values according to the structure of tank wall.


It gives alarm in cases of leakage, overflow during filling and fuel oil warning limits. It records all the warnings and alarms. When fuel oil in tank reaches to a critical level, it automatically sends the order information. When fuel oil in tank descreases to the level of fuel oil suction pipe, it gives the fuel oil finishing alarm.


It gives instant and detailed report about all the parameters in system. In gives information on tank stock, filling, consumption, inventory, sales, etc. It prepares the report in the report display of system or in Excel format.

Central Connection

All the system may be observed by the station management and center management for 24 hours by means of any computer connected to internet as web-online.

Automatic Calibration

The system operates integrally with pump automation. In systems with pump automation, it communicates with the pump selling to establish a calibration table and makes automatic calibration.

Petech Tank Automation - Above Ground

A system that has all other features of the PETECH TANK AUTOMATION and that measures, monitors and reports the amount of fuel and other liquid stocks (e.g. fuel, mineral oil, and several chemicals) stored inside above ground tanks using flexible magnetostrictive measurement techniques on center and/or station basis and enables control of warnings and alarms generated at levels that can be preset. (Max. 20mt)

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