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Petech Pump Automation Systems

Petech Wireless Fore Court Automation

The flexible station automation structure of Petech Fore Court Automation System can offer both wired and wireless communication option between dispensers and the automation PC. State of art Asis wireless technology uses secured RF frequency to establish communication between dispenser and the computer. Eliminates totally the cost and need of concrete cutting, digging, piping and reconstructing in the forecourt where there is no infrastructure for cabling.

Petech Wireless Fore Court Automation means;

  • Better project cost optimization
  • Faster installation
  • li>Less civil work
  • Less maintenance
  • More flexibility for integration with new technologies
  • Less installation and labor work cost
  • Mobile Investment (Can be transferred to another station at any time)

Fuel service Station Pump Automation and Fuel Oil Management Systems

Pump automation is one of the most important part of the fuel station automation systems. It gives total control to the management over, dispenser sales and the attendants on the site.

  • On-Line Pump Observation the money and liter values are observed on the display at the market during the sales operation.
  • Totalizer Reading the money and liter totalizer report on the dispensers, may be obtained whenever it is required.
  • Unit Price Changing / Programming when the fuel oil unit price is changed by means of the center computer, the said unit price simultaneously changes in all the pumps. The pump never accepts the entered price on it.
  • Self Service the pump is programmed in money and liter type at the market. The customer makes the payment, the confirmation is sent to dispenser and the customer makes the filling himself/herself.
  • Attendants Shift once the shift programming and change is programmed in the system, the shift change is realized by means of a single key. The dispenser, nozzle, attendants and fuel sales amounts in money and liter kind are registered in the memory. Un the pump automation system, the attendants may give fuel oil from all the dispensers. In the shift report, the information of attendats, in basis of dispensers and total is included.
  • Tank Stock Tracing in the systems without tank automation, the fuel oil stocks and tanks, the invoice liter amount are entered into the system and stock tracing depended on sales in made.
  • Automatic Calibration the system is integrated through tank automation. In the systems with tank automation, a calibration table is established through communication with the dispenser sales and so automatic calibration is made.
  • Reporting detailed dispenser sales, attendant, stock reports are obtained.
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