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Petech POS / Self Service

Self Service

The pumps in the station, connected to automation are self served. That is, the pumps can be programmed from the market in terms of payment or volume. The customer makes the payment and the pump is opened for the customer to fill his vehicle.

The program supports a maximum of 32 filling points.

Function of the Program

The program supports two operation modes of the pumps in the station. Prepay and Pospay. One mode can be selected or two can be used at the same time. The program can be logged in by entering the defined cashier information. The sales are recorded in the name of the related cashier.

Pump sales screen is displayed after the cashier has logged in. This sales console represents the liquid fuel station.

When a ready filling point is clicked on in prepay mode, a screen is displayed where product and amount (price or volume) are selected and the pump is opened for sale to take place.

In Pospay mode, the tank of the vehicle is filled and then the payment is made to the market.

The filling can be tracked from the console and the station's pump sales list in order to observe the condition of the field. All sales are recorded to the account of the cashier that the system is opened for. The account of the related cashier is received at the end of the shift, and the new shift is started by entering a new cashier. You can also receive detailed reports from the program concerning the shifts, the cashier and sales.

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