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Petech CIS/VIS Systems

Fleet and Individual Fuel Oil Consumption Management Systems

This system is a "Radio Frequency Identification Recognition" system designed in a manner to be operated with the fuel dispensers at filling facilities and fuel oil stations. The most evident properties of the system are easiness in fuel oil fillings and record keeping, accuracy of data and service speed. With the technique presented by RFID technology, the identification data of each vehicle is like a finger print. The data can not be recognized and copied by means of radio receivers.

VIS (Vehicle Identification System)

It provides full control possibility to the owner of fleet with regard to fuel oil consumption. With the vehicle recognition units attached to the vehicles, the information on identify, kilometer and fuel oil consumption are kept under control.

CIS (Customer Identification System)

It provides the possibility of control to the owner of vehicle with regard to fuel oil consumption. With the RF-cards used, the individual fuel oil consumption is kept under control. It can also make online credit cart authorization proceeding on pump with the customer cards.

Operation System

  • It acknowledges the plate number of the vehicle, its company, kilometer, operation system, motor, air-conditioning hour and driver of vehicle (optional).
  • It acknowledges the fuel oil supply date and fuel oil kind, amount and quantity.
  • It acknowledges the daily, weekly and monthly liter or money filling number limit of the vehicle and gives filling confirmation.
  • Besides, it gives filling record receipt that contains information such as date and hour of filling, plate number, company, amount, quantity, fuel oil kind, pump no and station name. It gives no fuel oil to any vehicle it does not recognize.
  • The fuel oil is given to vehicles out of the system through the automated pumps with the pump staff identification unit given to each pump staff.


It reports the total fuel oil consumption in basis of fleet, vehicle, company or driver, amount and quantity of fuel oil given from the pump, and amount, quantity of fuel oil given from each pump connected to CIS system.

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